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Last night, I took my dogs out late last night. I took them in the backyard and little did I know, the neighbor's cat was in our backyard o my 2 dogs started to chase it. The cat rand out front and both the dogs were chasing it so then I ran out front 2 and both my dogs lost the cat thank goodness. So my dogs are sniffing around and trying to do their business when my min dachshund started to chase something and then the boxer caught on. They were running and I was like what the heck are they chasing? I heard a squeaking sound and it was a rat!! The next thing you know, I heard my dog the wiener dog yelping and I was like oh great, he got bit and he did. The dogs continue to chase the rat until they lost him in the bushes.

Whem the hunt was over, I took both dogs inside and checked out the wiener dog. He was bleeding near the nose and I put a paper towel on him to stop the bleeding. I will have to take him to get him rabies shots just in case.

Now about the story of the rat. The rat has been living in our front yard for a few years now. We discovered some holes near the edge of the lawn and it's near the sidewalk. We really did not know what lived in that hole. I did see the rat one time last year. We tried to exterminate it one time by throwing smoke balls into the hole and we also tried to covered up the hole with dirt but the rat dug his way out. Having the hole in our lawn is a tourist attraction for our neighbors so we would like to get that fixed up.
You dirty, filthy rat.

Are you going to hire somebody to come and kill it, or do it yourself? I'm sorry about your dog getting bit, that sucks! I hope he feels better.


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That's messed up. The rats living in dirt and now the dog got bit? I'd so have some rat poison out for that sucker. Heck, just drop some of it in the hole that way the dogs can't get to it.


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Smoke bombs? Lace the damn thing with rat poison.

There are a humane traps (As well as "gtfo my lawn" traps) that can take care of it. Don't pay someone to do it, it's a waste of money. You can buy the traps at probably any department store.

And if worse comes to worst, buy a pistol. That bitch won't stand a chance when you cap his furry ass.



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We had a big ass gopher that did the same thing. When my lemon beagle was a puppy he crawled under our shed and we didn't see him for hours, we were afraid the gopher got him. We killed his ass with an obscene amount of rat poison, though, victory.