Castro: member of revolution


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"I can see it myself in what you say about us: Castro's Cuba, Castro did this, Castro undid that. Almost everything in this country is attributed to Castro, Castro's goings, Castro's perversities. That type of mentality abounds in the West; unfortunately it’s quite widespread. It seems to me to be an erroneous approach to historical and political events"

"Ours has been an honest Revolution"

"Not even war justifies a lie or the exaggeration of a victory"

"A dictator is someone who makes arbitrary decisions on his own, one who is above all institutions, above the law, and is subject to no other control than his own will or whims. If being a dictator means governing by decree, then you might use that argument to accuse
the Pope of being a dictator."

(Later, "I would say that I am a suit generis type of dictator")

"President Reagan can make terrible decisions without consulting anyone".

"He can even use the codes in that briefcase he always carriers around with him to unleash a thermonuclear war that could mean the end of the human race".

(Fear of American imperialism)

"You have used the worst murderers in the world to organize the contra revolution -- and yours is the country of freedom?"

"No, a counterrevolutionary can not write in our newspapers. Against our system, he cannot write. But that is exactly the same thing that happens in the US-- only we are honest; we say so. When I see a Communist writing in The New York Times or The Washington Post, or speaking on CBS, I promise you I will open the doors so all the counterrevolutionaries will be able to write in our newspapers! But you set the example first"

"I'd rather have said, like Hemingway, "Farewell to arms." It has been in response to an open declared policy of force and threats against Cuba implemented by the US government"

(Evidence of Americans failing responsibility to be a leader)

"How can a Third World nation that does not produce any airplanes be a threat to a country thinking about Star Wars defenses? It's ridiculous; it's brainwash"

(US manipulates public support)

"I believe that Afghanistan was one of the places in the world where a revolution was becoming more and more indispensable. As soon as that Revolution took place-- as it inevitably had to-- the CIA began its subversive activities..."

(Pretentious US government)

--> The first Peaceful Revolution in the history of the world is only possible within America.

"Why not opt for a sincere effort to seek peace and cooperation among all countries, based on full respect for the sovereignty and the social system that each people has chosen for itself?"

-Fidel Castro (interview with Playboy, 1985)
Ok, Irish, this can actually be interesting. Perhaps you could expand on the idea and give some actual analysis? The only thing that hurts this whole idea, is it's over 2 decades old. I understand that America is a "world power," but these countries call out for leadership, then trounce the idea of hegemony.


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yeah, after this semester I will know more about what I am talking about.

Hilary definately fits in with the imperialist persona, but I still respect her and am fond of her. Barack I fear is more militaristic than the republicans. As for Ron Paul... The media should talk about him.

The thing is, I side with international organizations... I just think we need someone humble to repersent us... some one who can set an example.

What you guys don't understand is... I like imperialist... I even like those who fuck with me (ESPN POKER CLUB MODERATORS? or WHOEVER? Maybe people in forums?) I just worry about where our country is heading. As for analyzing... I hate the net and don't trust it, because everything I look up is flooded with disinformation... It is like digging for Gold, and they know that... they will even send messages like "keep on digging".


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Perhaps the study of some history is in order. Cuba has been considered a threat ever since Russian missile installations were put in during the Kennedy administration. Castro is a brutal, brutal dictator who keeps his people in the utmost of misery and poverty. Cubans risk their lives leaving that island and his regime.

Leftists in America go to Cuba and extol its virtures. That is the Ptompkin Village of virtues that it is allowed to see. When Castro dies either his old and befuddled brother will take over exercising his brand of cruelty or a son will take over. No matter who it is, that person will have to begin a new and bloody reign of terror to make certain that the people know that a firm hand is in charge and one that will not tolerate dissent. I expect that in this period of turmoil, the Cubans in exile will make their move to liberate their homeland. They have a lot of money and are well organized. I wish them well.


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US must set the example... Nations are not perfect, but threatening condemnations of character do nothing but escalate the problem. Yes, your correct... I need to study history... I am good with political theory and philosophy, but when it comes to history, there is a great deal of study ahead of me. However, I do believe, that the fact that I don't stress history to much, help my view be unbiased and pure... To much emphasis on history can make one presumptuous, which American officials tend to be.


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The hardest part about the study of history, at least recent history is that so much of it as written is untrue. Those writing the books won't have legitimacy until everyone who remembers the truth is dead and they can spread whatever lies they want to.