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Movies Casino Royale


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Casino Royale 007 came out last November.. If you haven't seen it yet then you should see it ASAP.

I now own it on DVD and have already watched it twice. I was a HUGE Pierce Brosnan fan so when I heard that he was being shown the door I was quite bummed. It was going to be hard for the next James Bond to fill the shoes, at least to my satisfaction.

Well I am surprised and relieved to say that Daniel Craig more than takes the cake. He brings a whole new level to the James Bond character. I instantly loved his take on the Bond character and have to say that I think he is easily the best James Bond yet.

He reminds me a lot of Steve McQueen in how he looks and acts. He gets into more hand to hand combat than Pierce would have ever survived. I think we all know why Pierce Brosnan rarely was seen with his shirt off. Mr. Craig is certainly not one unfamiliar with gym equipment, am I right ladies?

The movie in general was superb. I agree with all of the high ratings it received. "The best James Bond film ever" seemed a little extreme, but once I saw it I have to say I agree. The movie was more "down to earth" than it's recent predecessors. Bond got beat up, among other things. He was not the suave secret agent we have known to love. He didn't use all of the same classic lines as we expected him to, but instead "shook" them up a bit. I love his response to "Shaken or stirred sir?" in the movie.

The music was awesome. It's not as high energy as the previous few soundtracks (I have them all), but it fit the movie well. It was serious at times, fast at times, and best of all it didn't overuse the classic James Bond theme. The theme song rules, don't get me wrong, and when it comes to listening to the music without watching the movie, the Bond theme tracks from TWINE and DAD are quite possibly some of the best ever, but Casino Royale did a great job of keeping the audience focused on the movie and not the music. The theme song "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell was also a great touch. I'm a huge fan of the Cheryl Crow song for "Tomorrow Never Dies," but I think these are both amazing pieces of music that both suit their movies well.

All in all, I give it a 10/10. Easily the "Batman Begins" of the Bond series. I can't wait to see where the next movie takes us.


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i just saw it last night. coolest Bond ive ever seen. daniel craig's deffinitely my favorite of the bunch. hope he makes quite a few more 007 movies


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I hope we get to see some later movies (3-5) where he becomes a more mature, classic Bond type. That would make the stories great.


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I agree, it was a great movie. I've never been a James Bond fan until Pierce Brosnan. I was horrified to hear that a blonde, even unattractive man was taking the reins. I wasn't even going to watch it at all, b/c I was so upset. But, after all the buzz about it being so great and Daniel Craig being so awesome in it, I watched it with Hubs last week. I loved it and couldn't tear myself away. Daniel Craig burned up the screen and his rough and tough demeanor was pretty hot. I look forward to the next movie with him as our new James Bond.