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Is there any Casino fans on these forums? When I say Casino I mean real life Casino I don't mean Casino games that you can play online. If so what games do you play?

I'm a huge Casino fan, I don't go often because I can't afford it all the time, but I love going, the atmosphere is awesome, and it's just so nice in there.

I usually play slots, sometimes I'll play some Black Jack, I also enjoy playing Sickbo, and I just started to play war. Those are by far my favorite games at the Casino.

If your not old enough to go please don't reply saying that you haven't went because your not old enough.



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Blackjack, I once won £1000 quid at a casino in Blackpool, its really exciting but if you get caught 'card counting' you get into trouble but if you're discreet then a monetry reward will be yours.


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i got to Atlantic City often, i usually play slots and blackjack. and is it me or has blackjack hands gotten nuts; $26 a hand minimum is nuts. i gotta get up stupid early to get $10 a hand.