Cash Advances


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What do you think about cash advances? Good idea or bad idea?

I think they are good ideas as a business, but not good at all for the people getting the cash. They take a big chunk of the check as a fee most of the time and the entire system is in place to take advantage of people who need cash ASAP.


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Back when I was single and in a bind with a bill that was due, I used them. But they end up charging like 500% interest on it. I soon learned that having a bill a few days late was better then paying all that interest on a cash advance.

So in short they are a bad idea. They may be good once in a while if you are in a bind, but shouldn't be a long term solution.


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What we call credit cards are what you probably call debit cards there (I think). Well, you can correct me if I'm wrong, haha. What I mean is that all our credit cards are tied up to our bank accounts so basically a cash advance would be just like withdrawing money from your bank.

However, I used to own a credit card (not based here). I rarely used the cash advance function because of the fees. But there's also a specific period when I can draw cash and pay for it without getting 5% interest - usually if drawn and paid within the month. Good deal for emergency use.


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Here in winnipeg, we have cash advance places. It's not a bad idea for a business, but most of the places charge 50% interest or more. So in the end, it's just taking advantage of poor people. I've never liked those places, and I don't think that it should be legal.