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Carts and Other Problems


Registered Member
When you go shopping and you are in the checkout line have you ever had the shopper behind you by hitting you with their cart and pretend they didn't know they did it?

Have you had shoppers in your line rushing you when it's your turn to check out?

Have you changed lines because of an item that needs to get a price check?

Have last is have you dealt with someone ahead of you a what seems like a trillion coupons?

If you have had any of these what did you do?


Free Spirit
Staff member
The last shopper to rush to get in front of me got hit by my cart. It was her fault.

I've had people keep hitting me with their cart usually its an accident but not always. Sometimes you have to say something.

I've changed lines many times because of price checks, coupons and just slow people with a ton of things in their cart. Its really according to how much of a hurry I'm in.

I've also let people go first when they only had a couple of things and my cart was full.