Carter Maintains Comfortable Lead in All-Star Balloting

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Was there any doubt that he would be an all-star, even though the Nets are struggling most NBA fans know Vince Carter abilities so we should have seen this coming plus he built a great fanbase. Now the surprise here is Shaq he has a fanbase like no other he is currntly in the Center lead when he hasnt been in a game since late November maybe more.
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    Carter belongs in all star games, he always does at least one dunk that leave people speechless. Hopefully that he can get enought votes to be the started in this years NBA All Star game. Also I am not surprised that Carter has so many more votes then Gilbert Arenas.
  4. Kidd

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    In my opinion, players who deserve it need to be in the All Star game. Not the ones that making exciting dunks. Theirs the dunk contest for that.

    Arenas has been playing better than Carter, and should be in front of him. Unfortunately due to the popularity contest, Carter gets more votes.

    Just like how Dwight deserves to start over Shaq, and yet Shaq has more votes.

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