Carrying your stuff


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Do you prefer a backpack, fanny pack or saddle bags? I need to carry a bit of food, my cell phone and a couple of other little things with me and I'm not sure which to get.


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Hi ya.

It just all depends on where and what you will be doing.

Most camel hydration packs come with extra storage space and pockets, Plus they double as a spine protector if you fall. :lol: (Not ment to be used in place of spine armor)

If you are out hikeing or bikeing then get a camel pack (sold at almost all stores) and a pair of cargo shorts.

If you are going near the water, then you will need a DRY BAG. They make Camel Hydration/Dry Bag but you can only get those at sporting goods stores.

And then there is allways Cargo pants :D
Hope that helped.


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I prefer a backpack usually unless I just have a few things. For the most part I only do hiking that lasts a few hours or so so it's easy to fit everything into a small backpack or small bag.

Every once in a while I'll leave the water in the car and go solo. I hate carrying things sometimes. :) Plus that way I get a nice drink when I am done. I actually don't think I'll be doing that for a while though. It works in the spring but it's too hot during the times that I go out now. It would be really hard and potentially dangerous to go without water in the heat.
I usually prefer a good backpack that has many compartments, and ideally, a dry bag. And, like Andrew says, sometimes I just want to go with minimal baggage, and only put some water in my bottle holder.


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I would agree that it just depends on what I am doing and how long I am going to be out doing it. I know when I go hiking I like to take a backpack but if I am not going to be gone long I will stick with the handy old fanny pack.


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I've been tempted to get a camel pack for long runs, but hadn't considered using it for biking. Are they easy to use?


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My brother swears by them. I like the fact that the water is right there when you need it. I have to get one of these I have just your basic type backpack.