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Movies Carrie coffee shop prank


Free Spirit
Staff member
Customers at a New York City coffee shop got a jolt recently that had nothing to do with their morning latte.

"Carrie" coffee shop prank spooks customers - CBS News video
This was so funny watching these people's reaction to this set up stunt to promote the movie. I have a feeling seeing a man slide up the wall would of scared me too if I had of been there. I think I would of figured out it was a prank after the initial shock for one thing I would of been looking for tale tale signs of a prank but then again maybe not.


Registered Member
To watch it knowing it is a prank makes it hilarious! I think if I had been there it would of scared the crap out of me at first, but then once I realised it was prank I would just laughed, well, I would like to think I would realise what was going on lol. Very inventive way of advertising a movie though.


I'm serious
That was hilarious to watch. I probably would have freaked out if I was there though. The lengths they went to to pull this off is just awesome. I love how everyone stuck around when the guy goes up the wall, but then when the tables start moving, they start clearing out quickly.

I just wonder if any of the customers weren't regulars (which you often get with coffee shops) and how they didn't notice that some of the features in the shop were different?
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