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Well, unlike bball, I've gone to small schools that don't have a bus system. Who here ever had to carpool, and how was it? I've carpooled with some pretty weird kids, often with even more bizzare parents.


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They started charging us to use the bus (total bullshit FYI) so I started carpooling with a few buddies of mine when my parents couldn't drive us.


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Me carpool? Well, I don't drive.

But I do go to a community college now, and it's close enough to my house that I can live there. They have a city bus, but it costs me money, makes me walk a long ways (and with a bassoon in a case and a heavy backpack that's no fun. -_-), and also doesn't show up half of the time.

So... I pretty much have to rely on my friends to get me home. (On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.) Fortunately Tuesday I'm usually going out with my friend to eat with other friends, so it's not much of a problem. The other days it's not really like that, but they're nice enough to give me rides anyways.


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Carpooled to rowing practice and events before. Being the one driving sucks sometimes though. I had this guy I picked up on my street for two years to take to school then rowing with me. Never said thank you to me once.


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I carpool with middle schoolers. small, loud, squeaky, annoying, immature middle schoolers. suicide contemplation becomes a morning ritual for me every morning for a full half hour.


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I drive a friend of mine to and from school, he pays me 30 bucks a week. :nod:


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I don't mean to break discussion but.. Schoolbus! Carpooling!?.. didn't anyone ever take the subway and city bus to school?


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In highschool my friend and I carpooled. Our school system was so crowded there was rarely a seat on the bus, so we chose to drive when we were able to get parking passes and when we couldn't have them our parents switched off driving us.