the kitchen?!


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My upstairs neighbor (we live in a 4-plex apartment) was telling me yesterday that her kitchen is carpeted, and she HATES it. As far as she knows, hers is the only unit that is.

Never in my life have I heard of, much less seen, carpeting in the kitchen! A Google search revealed that there are a few, but they seem to be very unpopular, for obvious reasons.

She has kids, dogs, and constant friends in and out. As you can imagine, she's constantly trying to keep it clean, but it's futile. She spills things, the dogs slop their water, and it's permanently stained. :shake:

What in the world was our landlord thinking?! Or is that just a "guy thing"? (Although I'd think that most guys would have enough sense to not carpet the kitchen, of all places!)

Does anyone here have, or know of, a carpeted kitchen?


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One of my friends does. She works at a family owned carpeting it's not a big deal for them to take it out and reinstall here and there.

Oh, and one of my dad's houses had it. He removed it eventually and put down linoleum when he remodeled.


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Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen a carpeted kitchen either. Just doesn't seem logical, you don't want to have food around it, and that's what a kitchen is for.


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Well, if you have your own carpeting business, that's a bit different. You can carpet the walls, if you want.

But I fail to understand how any landlord could expect a tenant to keep kitchen carpeting clean? Just seems like such a burden to place on renters.


i've seen a lot of carpeted kitchens. it doesn't surprise but i don't think it's a smart choice for the kitchen. it's just uncomfortable. kitchen is the dirtiest part of the house(after bathroom maybe). so it makes no sense to be carpeted.


It's not me, it's you.
That does seem stupid for a landlord...but then again, maybe he's marking up the cost of replacing it and passing that on to the customer...thereby making more money off of them. that I think about friend that had the carpeted kitchen also changed over to tile.
kitchen is the dirtiest part of the house(after bathroom maybe). so it makes no sense to be carpeted.
I've seen a lot more carpeted bathrooms than kitchens. In fact, most bathrooms used to be (all in my house were at one point), and I've never seen a c. kitchen before. It seems like a silly idea for a landlord to force it upon renters, yeah.


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I never seen carpet in the kitchen before and personally I believe its a bad idea. There's a lot more chances that you spill stuff in the kitchen then anywhere else in the house. Usually when you spill stuff on the carpet it's hard to take the stain off.

I would never have it because it would be a nightmare to deal with at times.


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I'll take your carpet and raise you one even worse....

my uncle has an Aggregate Stone kitchen. Looks beautiful, but imagine how much of a bitch that is to clean up.

for those that dont know, Aggregate Stone Flooring looks like this:


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i have never seen a carpet in the kitchen before an i think it is a bad idea to have carpet in the kitchen. in the kitchen is where i spill alot of things at and it would be such a pain to clean it up if there was carpet. i seen carpet in a bathroom before and even that is a bad idea because what if you miss the toilet?