Carol Ann Duffy chosen as UK poet laureate

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    The Associated Press: Carol Ann Duffy chosen as UK poet laureate

    This is really cool, i love her poetry and every GCSE student across England studies her work; she'll do a really good job!

    Oh, i found this too-it's mentioned in the article.

    Censorship row over Carol Ann Duffy poem dropped from syllabus | Education | The Guardian

    How dare Ed Balls remove a brilliant poem like that? Where does he get off censoring what teenagers should and shouldn't learn just because it hints at knife crime-when it was written BEFORE knife crime became a serious issue :mad:

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    Poetry poses a serious threat to the world's youth. How many drunken womanizers has Bukowski created? How much bad punctuation has E. E. Cummings caused? How much literacy and thought has poetry itself encouraged? The last thing we need is a world full of literate intellectual drunken womanizers with bad punctuation who go out to stab people with bread-knives; but that's exactly what we're going to get, because you know how kids these days just can't get enough of that damn poetry.

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