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Carnivorous Wrecks


Registered Member
Err. I only titled this that because it sounded good -

The point:
Are you more carnivore or more herbivore?

As in do you prefer to eat meat over plant life - or - vice versa

I expect most are both, a ye olde omnivore, but which way do you lean? If you had to be full carni or herbi which would you opt for -

Myself - it is a tough decision, I love meat based stuff, but I also enjoy vegetables and fruit - I reckon if I really had to choose, I'd go for vegetables, because chips are brilliant, and I couldn't miss out on those - I mean it might be a case of oh-no, what a shame about the beefburgers, sausages or steak I could be havin' with them but hey ho, that's how it is isn't it...

What would you do?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I eat meat but not that much so I can't imagine just eating only meat. Don't think I could do it so I guess I would have to go with only fruit and vegetables. Hope it also would include cheese so I could have a vegetable pizza.


Problematic Shitlord
I eat both fairly evenly and hate everyone that tries to sway me more in one direction or another.

I love a good grilled chicken but I also love spinach, cucumbers, peaches, apples, etc.


It's not me, it's you.
I probably eat mostly fruits and veggies, however I do eat my required amount of protein daily. I could go maybe a day without eating meat, but that is all. If I don't eat some kind of meat my body feels like it never gets full. Sure, it will in the short term, but I have to have meat to properly fill my body up.


Sally Twit
I eat a balance of both as well. Chicken is my favourite food so I wouldn't be able to give that up, which means I'd have to say bye to fruit & veg. With that said, I do love fruit. It's a tricky one this.


I'm vegetarian so plant side all the way for me.


Registered Member
I think I have got a balance, but I do love meat. I couldn't not eat it. But, I also like veggies. I agree that chips are brilliant, can't beat a decent chunky chip. I am not sure I could choose between the two. If I wasn't thinking I would say carnivore all the way, but, I don't think I could eat meat exclusively. Omnivore is the way to go I think, best of both worlds.


still nobody's bitch
I definitely eat more fruits, veggies, and grains than meats/dairy. I eat meat occasionally, sometimes a few times a week and sometimes zero times a week.

I eat eggs almost every day though.


Registered Member
Carnivore. If I could survive only on meat like a legitimate carnivore I'd gladly do it. The stuff is just fantastic. Meats already make up most of my diet anyways.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I love both and try to eat a healthy balance. I would find it hard to give up meat, but I know I couldn't only eat meat. So I'd have to say I'd be an herbivore. I do love fruits and vegetables, so I could definitely do it.
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