Carmelo Taking A Shorter Contract Too?



ESPN- Carmelo Anthony is following in the footsteps of LeBron James by considering signing a shorter contract.

It was first reported by ESPN on Sunday that James would be signing a contract that gives him the ability to opt out and now the site is reporting that Anthony may follow suit.

Bill Duffy called Anthony's future in Denver and James' conditions in Cleveland "two different situations."

"Of course, I would want an option year," Anthony told the Rocky Mountain News. "That's what we're negotiating right now."
maybe if things doesnt work out for them, they might try to make a force on the same team


Aw, Here It Goes!
I guess he's not confident about the direction the Nuggets are headed in. Its a good idea to have a shorter contract so it gives him a chance to leave if he feels it's nessesary. But the Denver Nuggets franchise wont like this at all.


Yeah, I dont like this. I dont like what LeBron did, and I dont like what Carmelo did. Stick with the team.


these guys are still young and have a lot upside and potentIal ad if they sign with a team that they might not like they might ruin there career and might not wanna play. if i was in there positon i would do the same thing.