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NBA Carmelo Anthony opting out of contract?


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It's about that time. NBA Finals are over (yeah, the Spurs won :)) and it's time to talk about off seasons things.

Carmelo Anthony has one year left on his contract with New York but has the option of opting out of his final year. There are several teams that would like to pick up Melo.

Having had him in Denver a while back I have seen him play a lot, I've also watched him on the Knicks. I will say that he's quite a talented scorer and he has great 1 on 1 skills. It's just that the Nuggets never saw any major success with him nor did the Knicks. I don't know if this is a problem with the people around him or Melo himself.

Here are the teams that want to get Melo.


Now, the Heat don't currently have enough flexibility with money but I think they could possibly work something out. There have been talks of a "Big 4" and I'll bet others here have heard about that as well.

Here's what Dirk said about Melo and the Mavs.

Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas Mavericks says team would love to have Carmelo Anthony in Dallas - ESPN Dallas


Embrace the Suck
That's the best chance Wade and Bosh have to win another championship, get enough stars around them to help them win like LeBron, because they suck so bad they can't carry a team themselves.

I can see him going to the Heat if they unload somebody like Bosh, to make room money wise, but that makes whatever feeble inside defense they have even weaker. Unlike many Melo doesn't impress me much, he's a prima donna who can score but his defense is lacking. I think Dallas would be a better fit actually.


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I hope he goes to Chicago.

James just opted out so maybe if LeBron is gone, Carmello goes to Miami. We shall see.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
He would probably make the Bulls better since they badly need a scorer, but I'm not a big fan of his. He's a talented player, but doesn't play defense and he's never been able to carry his teams when it matter, in the playoffs. I don't see him ever winning a title unless he teams up with someone like Lebron.