Carmelo And Howard Added To All-Star Team

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Who's replacing Iverson? Or is his injury healed?
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    I don't know if anyone is going to replace Iverson or not, because he hasn't declared yet if he's going to miss the All Star weekend.

    Howard and Anthony deserve this honor, they've been playing like all stars since the start of the season, also I believe that Anthony was snubbed out, because of the brawl incident. If he never got suspended he would of gotten selected as a reserve. But either way congratulations both players.
  4. Black Sheep1

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    I agree with Carmelo but I don't understand Howard making it. If I had to pick someone I would pick Zach Randolph. He averages 24-10 and is having a monster season. Howard is averaging 20-7. Zach got snubbed :(
  5. Howard is in his third season...
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Josh Howard is playing on a good team. Why reward players who're on bad teams, except your an abosolute superstar. Josh Howard averages 19.1 ppg and 7.3 rebounds on the best team in the league he definitly deserves to be there. Plus the West is stacked at the Power Forward position he plays the Shooting Guard position or the Small Foward.
  7. Black Sheep1

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    actually he is in his 4th season...

    Ok, How about chris bosh last year. He posted up 20-10 and on a bad team and made the all-star game. Chris had a better team than the blazers this year. How about, why reward vince carter since he is on a bad team. I dont consider vince a superstar. Just a star to me. If he was a superstar he would of turned the nets around with a winning record. Zach is a superstar on his team, 24 points and 10 rebounds. Thats a breakout year. He should be rewarded for that to the all star game. His team is bad but they arent that far away from the playoffs. Just a few games from the 8th seed.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree but 20-10 in the Eastern Conference is really rare compared to the Western Conference espeically at the Power Forward postion. If you compare Power Fowards from the East to the West you'll see that it's way harder to make it from the West then it is fromt he East.

    If you make a poll and ask who's the better superstar between Vince Carter vs Zach Randolf Vince Carter would have way more votes the Randolf would. Zach Randolf career number are around the same as he's doing right now so he's definitly not having a breakout year. Plus in all the trouble he's been in so far during is young career why would people vote him in or coaches select him?
  9. Black Sheep1

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    Actually its harder to get 20-10 in the west because they have bigger more talented players in the pf position in the west. So 24-10 is great in the west. When Elton Brand posted up about the same #'s as randolph last year, people said it was his breakout year.

    And if they did have a poll to see if Vince Carter or Zach Randolph was a better player, more people would say Vince Carter because he is more known around the world than a PF like Randolph.
    Zach should be in because he has talent. Off the court issues have nothing to do with basketball. If they did, Iverson, and Carmelo, and even Kobe would not get in.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    I didn't mean it's harder to get 20 and 10 numbers in the Western Conference then it is in the Eastern Conference. I meant a player who posts 20 and 10 numbers in the East will have an easier time to make the All Star game then a person who does the same in the Western Conference.

    If he's known more then Zach Randolf is, then it means he's a bigger star then Zach Randolf . I don't deny that Zach Randolf as talent but who would you take off the All Star team at the Power Foward position to make room for Zach? Don't forget what I said Josh Howard plays the SG, and SF position, and not the Power Forward spot.

    I don't understand why you call those breakout years when their career averages are around the same numbers you've posted.

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