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Carey Price


Registered Member
While a QB and Goaltender MAY feel the same as importance to a team... it's completely different. A great quarterback can easily win championships, but a great goaltender needs a good team in front of him and most of the time, it is a great team that wins with a good goaltender. Blackhawks 2010 ;)

Sabby - Didn't he also win the Calder Cup and named as the MVP? Oh, that's right. He was a WHL All-Star and Goaltender of the year in the WHL along with goaltender of the year in the CHL... then finished the season off in Hamilton with the Calder Cup along with the playoffs MVP. He should have won a Calder in his rookie year... oh well.

He's currently 26 years old... that's the area where most goal tenders develop their game fully.

I don't care if he is viewed as the best, top 5 or top 10... if it means Silver Cup, that's all I care about and I am sure that's all Carey cares about.