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Carey Price vs. Zach Fucale....Oh I went there!


New Member
The funny thing about all of this, is that I'm the first one to say "Fucale hasn't even proven himself. He's only 18, a good decade from being a starting goalie. This question is irrelevant". The reason I ask, is because i've seen so many people speak very highly of Fucale, when I myself am not too convinced.....yet! Some say, it is a given Fucale will be an elite goalie, but how do they know? There's been many goalies spoken highly about that have turned out to be a bust. I sure as hell *knocks on wood* hope that Fucale does indeed become an elite goalie, but really, we don't know. At all. Believe it or not, I saw many people say trade Price, we have Fucale. That speaks itself for those people. How about this....would you trade Fucale while his stock is high? Maybe bring in an already proven prospect, or a current decent player? Or keep him in the books for later?


New Member
There's no way to know how Fucale will do. What he does have is that quality all draft picks have; Potential! Will he live up to it remains to be seen.

Here's a little story for you kids. ;)

I live in Granby, Quebec, and we used to have a franchise in the QMJHL. In 1996 they even became the first QMJHL team to win the Memorial Cup since Guy Lafleur's Quebec Remparts in 1971. Our Captain in 1996 was Francis Bouillon...but I digress.

In the early 80's, the team was fairly new and very bad! This is a team that was giving up 60 shots a game regularly and losing most games by scores like 7-3. Our goalie during those years was a skinny kid from Quebec named Patrick Roy, and I saw him play quite a few times back then. If you would've told me back in 1984 that Patrick Roy would one day be mentionned as one, if not the best goalie to ever play in the NHL I would've laughed and laughed and laughed...and MANY others would've had the same reaction. So...there's just no way to know. Which is why even having this discussion is completely pointless unless you're talking about 2 goalies of about the same age.

And about the "let's trade Price" talk....that's always gonna be around. I just ignore it.


New Member
I think the Canadiens are set up beautifully right now at goalie. I love Price and am behind him 100% as the starter. Budaj is the perfect backup. He has shown to be more than adequate when called upon, and knows his place is as a backup. He has no ambition to steal the starting spot, but always to be ready to go when needed. Hence no goaltending controversy like, say, in Vancouver last year with Luongo and Schneider.

Having said that, Fucale is a great steal for Montreal in the draft. When someone so highly ranked drops down to 36th pick you grab him up. He won't be ready for the NHL for at least 2-3 years, but if Price can't take it to the next level by then, I think you've got to think about trading him. And by next level I don't necessarily mean win Cup, but at least go deep into playoffs for multiple years in a row.

Yes, I'm saying I think the Habs will go deep in the playoffs 2 out of the next 3 years. Like I said, I'm behind Price. I think he can do it. Of course not by himself, but the team looks solid.

Either way, Price or Fucale, Habs are looking good in goal for the near future.