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Carey Price vs. Zach Fucale....Oh I went there!


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I like sparking controversy and debate, so how about "Le" best debate Habs fans can have: Goaltending. We have two goaltenders that are worth naming, in Carey Price and the recently signed Zach Fucale. Based on a super early, very premature guess, what do you think will happen between these two (a few years down the road)? Will Fucale overtake Price's job? In how long? Will they start a goalie controversy? (OMG I SAID THE "G.C." WORD! BLASPHEMY!) Or will Fucale turn out to be a bust? Also, what do you think SHOULD happen? Take a wild guess! Have fun! :D


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If Price fails to win a cup in his 6 year contract and Fucale develops the way he is projected to, Price will be near the end of his contract when Fucale is just hitting his NHL-Ready stride. (24-26 years old for goaltenders) The only way Price stays in Montreal when his contract nears the end is if he's getting the team far into the playoffs while being on top of the league in goaltending or Fucale is a giant flop in the AHL.


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I think we're pretty far away from a goalie controversy between these two but Montreal being Montreal, a goalie can show up here and one is created.

Since we got a new goalie coach this summer it's going to be interesting to see what effect it has on Carey. It certainly hasn't helped him all that much that his d-men have sometimes left him to fend for himself. God-willing with the guys we got this summer this can be remedied somewhat.


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I love that Zach Fucale slipped all the way to our pick. With Price only being 25, Fucale and Montreal can take their time with his development. Five years down the road when he's ready he'll be able to back up Price for 2-3 seasons. By that time Price will be 33 and Fucale will be 25. So an eventual switch in nets might take place. If everything goes right, our goalie situation is in good state for the next 20 years.


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They will be patient with both Fucale and Price. If Price turns out to be a legend, at least no one else has Fucale, except for us. It was both to protect us from being beaten by Fucale and have a safety blanket. But don't think that if Price fails, Fucale will succeed. They should wait a while 5-7 years to see how Price will do, but I don't fear anything. Price will bounce back in my mind.


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The most controversial thing about this is that Price is still very young himself.

26 years old is when goalies are usually becoming starters in the NHL. Fortunately Fucale doesn't have the pressure to be the next Jesus H Christ like Carey had and therefor won't be rushed into the crease. Fucale will have time to develop like goalies usually do.

This means in the next 5 years of Price contract:

Fucale at 18: QMJHL and world juniors hopeful
Fucale at 19: QMJHL and world juniors starter
Fucale at 20: Split AHL goalie
Fucale at 21: Starting AHL goalie and injury call up
Fucale at 22: Like previous OR NHL backup (most likely the previous)

Price will be 31 now where goalies hit their Prime. As Price is already a top NHL goaltender he will most likely be the best goalie in the league and extend for 5-8 years

Fucale at 23: NHL backup playing about 20 games behind the best goalie in the league
Fucale at 24: Like previous/ ready to take over IF Price gets injured
Fucale at 25: Ready to take over IF Price is playing poor at times
Fucale at 26: Ready to make a goalie controversy

At 26 Fucale will be in the "Corey Schneider" situation here. The difference will be that Price will only have 2-4 more years on his contract and will be 34.

It's Price net for at least the next 8 years if he stays calm and at the top of his game. Between 29-33/34 Price will be the best of his career.
Fortunately for Fucale he will be playing behind a great goalie, a great goalie coach in Waite and if Bergevin remains in charge, a great organization.

With Price and Fucale the habs are pretty much solid in goaltending for the next 15 years.

Price should win a cup in the next 8 years and I can't see why Fucale wouldn't be able to either.
I think it's too early to start the controversy but it's clear to me that Fucale will be heir to Price's throne eventually. I think that what plays in Fucale's favor is that mentally, he's pretty strong and he's cool, calm and collected. Even in the rare times I've seen him have bad games in Halifax, I never saw him lose his temper or act out. Plus, he thrives under pressure and he knows that all eyes will be on him when he'll be in the net. If Carey Price can work on that in the upcoming years, he and Fucale will be a very solid tandem in goals. However, should Fucale burn everything up in the AHL and Price struggles more than he succeeds, I think that Price will have to leave.


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I like the fact that you want it to be a debate, but anyone who has any NHL experience (Carey Price) should NEVER be compared with a guy who played his highest level in Major Junior, I love to talk prospects, their projections, I love to keep an eye on their development, but Goalies are very hard to predict as most of the top netminder in the NHL are usually late round picks. Here are some examples:

Tomas Vokoun 1994 9th MTL
Miikka Kiprusoff 1995 5th SJS
Ryan Miller 1999 5th BUF
Henrik Lundqvist 2000 7th NYR
Craig Anderson 2001 3rd CHI
Jimmy Howard 2003 2nd DET
Jaroslav Halak 2003 9th MTL
Pekka Rinne 2004 8th NSH
Jonathan Quick 2005 3rd LAK

Goalies tend to take longer to develop, with very few exceptions. Which is why I am not saying Zach Fucale (I hope he becomes a very good one) will be a bad goaltender but I have a hard time projecting goalies career with where they are drafted. Fucale and Price were both good Goalies when they were drafted, as of this year one has developed in a very reliable Goaltender and should be #1 goalies for years to come, while one will probably play another 1-2 years in Major Junior before he gets the chance to turn pro. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter where they are drafted, or how they make it to the NHL. Before they can show us that they can withstand the pressure that comes from being an Elite Goaltender, they are just "PROSPECTS"!