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Career advice needed


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First, you should know it is my intentions to leave Estonia to go to the USA, this will take 2-3 years I feel to accomplish for me.

I will soon start University, and before now it was my plan to become teacher in science, math or history. But this choice worries me if I am to go to America... I do not even know if they would employ foreign teacher in schools in America or if the requirements are the same, and I do not know if teaching is something that would be easy job to find in America.

I am not smartest person in my school, but I do well in most subjects. I have interest also besides to teach, to become nurse maybe? What is important to understand is I will only have 2 years of University so what I can study is limited.

I wish to ask if there is recommendations of things I can use my 2 years of University for that would be most useful in America.


I know a lot of Albanians who are teachers in the some states of America.
But I've heard you need to take some exams and maybe register at a teaching school in order to have the full right to become a teacher.

But I'm sure others have better answers.


Creeping On You
I know that in Canada, immigrants have to do at least another year of school here to make sure that their University degree meets Canadian education standards. I imagine it would be similiar in the states.


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Do you want career advice? Or do you want advice for a short term job?

If you want career advice, pick something you really want to do, find out what the requirements usually are (there are tons of great sites about this), and then do what it takes to get what you want.

As far as a job goes, with the way the economy is now, and the cost of school, it's probably your best bet to find something you can tolerate.