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Care and Maintenace of Your Collection.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi Dawn as a matter a fact I do. First you need to clean the broken area with 409. Then you need to find all the broken peices and clean them(same way).
You will need to get some porclin apoxy or gell glue. Any craft store will carry them.

Glue all peices togeather, Be carefull not to use too much glue.
Let dry for 24 hours. Then if you are missing some small chips you will need to pick up some flesh colored Exo Sculpy( also sold in craft stores).

Gently smoosh the sculpy into the missing areas.( Smooth with Wet finger only). Don't press to hard though. Let stand for another 24 hours or untill dry. Lightly sand to smooth all areas and this will also to blend your work. (Repeat it nessairy)
Give me a shout and let me know if it all works out for you.

Till next time ..................................... :warp:


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I am just SO very impressed with all that I learn here. I am such an 80s fanatic.. trying to relive that childhood ya know. Seems I want to collect things I had back then to share with my own kids. Kinda cool. Thanks for all the great info!


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Great advice! You should try to get a deal with 409 and/or pledge to be one of their advertisers!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well hi there all.
Guess what ?..............It's that time again.!..

You know the one we all dread......

Time to Clean Your Collection.!!!!!

I know it's not a fun job but it hads to be done..
But now it's alot faster now that we have 409 Wipes!!!!!!!!
And pledge wipes too!!!!

Now all they need to make is goo be gone wipes.

The reason for cleaning now is there is less dust in the air than in the spring and summer.

Besides you want to be out there instead of in there cleaning your collection..

Till next time......Happy collecting!!!!!!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
It's that time again!!! Break out the 409 and pledge.

it's been a while since I did another write up in Care and Maintenance of Your Collection.

So lets get started.

First off you will need cleaning supples.
pledge spray (No sent) you can use the wipes too
and Blue shop towels (less fibers left behind)
Goo Be-Gone

So you clean your collection as I have stated above in earlier post.

Now we are going to cover how to get creases out of your collection be it boxes or cards or card bakers to comics this trick works for all of them.

What you will need

Cheese cloth
purified water
Iron (With nonstick surface)
Ironing board

First you will need to clean the piece as described in posts above

Then you need to place the piece on the ironing board creased side up.

Next you lay the cheese cloth over the crease or wrinkle. ( make sure not yo cover it too much as the heat and steam won't be able get to it.)

Next set your Iron to the medium setting with low steam (with purified water only).

Then begin to slowly Iron the crease (Be careful not to hit any plastic cause it will melt) Apply mild pressure to the Iron while ironing out the crease.

Flip and repeat as necessary till crease or wrinkle comes out. (be sure to not over heat and cause discoloration of package or comic).

Depending on the age of the package or comic you might not get all the creases out.

Then once you are finished with that you move on to the protection stage (lightly wiping the item down with pledge.)

This will revitalize the paint on your package DON'T USE THE PLEDGE ON COMICS Just re-bag and back them

If you have question on how to restore your collection please feel free to ask.
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