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MLB Cards - Matheny's bullpen management


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Overall, I'm happy with Mike Matheny as a manager for the St. Louis Cardinals. We're all homers and want him to succeed here in St. Louis. However, my primary complaint is Matheny's bullpen management. He has a trait of leaving guys in for far too long because he's loyal (a double-edged sword). He also sometimes (IMO, at least) gives guys too many chances game after game when they're going through cold streaks.

For Cardinals fans or those that follow the team, any thoughts on Mike Matheny's bullpen management pros and cons?


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Well i mean leaving a guy in there for a long time and going with him on a daily basis is only to make that pitcher gain confidence, regardless of whether hes on a cold streak. The only way to break out of one is to put more reps in. And in terms of leaving them in there for long, I personally like that idea because now a days managers tend to blow up their bullpen by making 4-5 guys pitch in one game. Im fond of the idea of allowing a guy to go 1+ inning out of the pen