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A lot of people have different methods of doing cardio. What do you usually enjoy doing?

Personally I like to change it up sometimes, usually I'll run outside or on the treadmill, but sometimes I enjoy using the rowing machine or just go on the bike. I can't really stand using the stairmaster though.


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I only do two, running (only outside) and the rowing machine. They are the only two that I like and have been doing them for awhile now.


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When I go to the gym I usually use the exercise bike for 45 minutes to an hour. I choose a random course and just try to keep a steady tempo of about 100-110 rpm. Gets my heart rate up and I work up a nice sweat.

Sometimes I use the stairmaster, but I get bored quickly on it. If I'm going to work out on stairs I would rather climb real stairs, and there's an awesome set of about 120 stairs in a forest nearby. The stairs are all different heights and sizes, so it's a lot harder and a better workout than the stairmaster.


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i usually run 2 miles on the treadmill or if the weather permits 6 miles on the road..sometimes i play tennis if thats considered cardio..i have tried the stairclimbing machine but its a lot of work..i prefer running though


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I hate doing normal cardio, especially machines at the gym. If I have to do some, I'd prefer to run or bike outside. But my favorite method is to play a game. Raquetball, football, whatever.


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My two favorites are cardio-kickboxing and DDR :lick: I like workouts that are fun and keep me entertained while doing them. I also like to run, but that is a more meditative kind of workout that I use for thinking time.


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I run 3 miles on an indoor track usually in the morning to early afternoon. I'll sometimes run an additional mile when I go to the gym and lift in the evening.