Carded for Nyquil


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Yes, I got carded for Nyquil today. I hadn't been feeling well the last few days and it was worse for me today. I was working outside in the cold rainy weather. I had to cause it was part of my job. So after I got off work, I went to the supermarket and picked up some nyquil. I went to the self checkout line and scanned the nyquil. After I finished scanning the nyquil, the lights were flashing and the screen told me to wait for someone cause I was buying something that was age restricted. I was like are you for real? All I am buying is Nyquil and I just want to go home and take Nyquil and call it a day. I bought Nyquil at that supermarket before and have never been carded but I can see why they would card people for it.


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That is so funny Dragon. I have never heard of that happening before. I do happen to think that Nyquil should be a controlled substance however. LOL I love the stuff, knocks me out cold when I am sick :D


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I'm not sure if I've had it. I generally stick to Aspirin and Ibuprofen, etc but not much else typically unless I'm really feeling shot.


what? no pink?
oh Andrew! you must try Nyquil, it's actually legal :D

it's good stuff lol

when I am really really sick I take that stuff and it really does put you in another zone hehehe :cool:

actually it is the only one that I can take that really does work hehe


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that is really weird, but it makes sense from a "lega" standpoint. Nyquil does tend to knock people out or make them really drousy, so the government/that store doesn't want just anyone getting thier hands on it. (the last thing we need is a bunch of early teens getting "high" off of nyquil... lol)


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It's not illegal just for the DXM trip you can get off of it (most doesn't even have DXM in it anymore.) One of the important materials in synthesizing methanphetamine is in Nyquil and other cough syrups, so they have to card you for it because in more urban areas, they buy mass quantities of it for producing meth.