Car taxes/license question.

Discussion in 'Autos' started by Boots4907, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Back in March, I bought my first car. Seeing as how unhelpful/supporting my parents were, it was put into my boyfriends mother's name. Taxes and tags were done, and are up to date for the year. Now, my father is helping more, and is putting my car onto his insurance instead. When we go to the DMV, i'd like to know if I will be charged again. My dad is telling me they may charge me taxes/tags and such again since the name is being changed. But my boyfriends family, who have been through things like this before, are telling me that I won't have to pay anything, his mother will just have to sign the title over to my father. Help?

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    Its largely going to depend on the state you're in.

    For instance I am in California, our DMV would most definitely charge you again for taxes/fees on a name change.

    however I have heard other states such as Nevada (I have family there to) do not charge taxes on Private Party exchanges, just a minimal flat fee (usually under $20.00).

    But to better answer your question, your domicile state will be needed ;)
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    Yeah. Here in Texas they charge taxes on the car for a title change.

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