~Car Flipping~


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Depending on where you live this has become a popular way to make money.

Find an old junker and restore it, and trick it out for high sales.

I have gotten into the game as well. I'm working on a 65 Ford falcon coop
and as soon as it is finished up i will use the money I get from the sale to Get and fix up my 1963 or 69 VW Micro Bus. Haven't gotten it yet.

So do you flip cars? What kind do you find draws in the most cash? How much investment should go into the car.

I find it silly to drop 40 grand worth of stuff into a 10,000 dollar car.

So what are your thought?


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I have a good friend that does it in another way. He goes to dui auctions and buys cars for less than 1K and sells them. He buys about one a month and generally can get 3X or more per ride. Very few people show up for the auctions and most of the cars need minor fixing.


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One of my friends makes a living that way. I've helped him out a couple times. I wouldn't mind doing it but you have to have enough money up front to start doing it and I don't have that up front money.


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Done it twice so far, first was a '96 S-10 (free) that needed a new bed, paintjob and brakes turned around and sold it for $1,700 (only put $700 into it) and a ford escort wagon (free) that had 60,000 miles on it and it needed a new hatch turned around and sold it for $1,100.

Yes, I know this is my first post, didn't feel
like there was anything to introduce.


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I was kind of hoping to see videos of cars flipping off of jumps...

But this makes more sense. :)

The only cars I've "flipped" are ones I've owned for a while for personal use and then sold. Usually I come out about even because I am pretty good at keeping everything checked up and working properly. Doesn't really count as flipping though.