Car Crash Kills LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony


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I woke up this morning to quite a shock. I got online and searched for "LeBron James" in Google news. Why? Because of an ultra realistic and detailed dream I had last night. Luckily it was just a dream but it was one of those that leaves you unsure if it was actually a dream or not. And by dream, I guess I mean nightmare due to the nature of the dream. Headlines worldwide were announcing that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony had been killed in a fatal car accident. The news story had completely replace Michael Jackson in the news and NBA and sports fans in general worldwide were crushed, looking at two very promising athletes that had just been wiped from the rest of history.

It wasn't just a basic dream either. I remember actually reading the news article in the dream and it talked about how Carmelo was stuck in the car and was burned alive and how Lebron got out of the car but had major burns everywhere. An updated article announced that LeBron had died on the way to the hospital. A third person was in the car as well but it wasn't a name that I recognized. Then I read another article online about the story and it talked about how it was ironic because LeBron and Carmelo had both joined the NBA the same year and had become friends while playing on the Dream Team together. The level of detail in the dream was quite disturbing, so much so that I didn't realize it was a dream until I woke up.

Now, this is not real, obviously, but I titled the post this way so you'll know how I felt in the dream when I read it. I actually remember being in shock and actually being sad in the dream, as if this had actually happened and I wasn't aware that it was a dream.

So, have you ever had a dream about something tragic that was so real you didn't realize it was a dream until you woke up? A dream that was so vivid that you might have even thought it was real even after waking up?


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First off, don't scare me like that. I really believed they were dead.

I've had many dreams like that, but not atheletes or superstars dying, but some members of my family. It's one of the worse feelings you can have, because it seems so real and you can't do anything about it. But when I have those type of dreams I usually wake up in the middle of the night, so I know it's not for real when I do wake up.
Don't make a title like that again, I'm already upset over Steve McNair's death. Anyway I've never had a dream of a famous person's death that I can recall.


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I've had a few dreams like that before, I remember dreaming that Kobe Bryant died and the Lakers got owned because of it, I was relieved when I woke up.
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!! - I was like "Whhhaaaat!?" when I saw the title. You, you meanie you! =P

Arg, a couple of nights ago I was dreaming I saw fixing the phone when all of sudden my mom appeared and I said "Can I fix the phone?" and she responded with "I don't care, your dad is dead!" ... ... ...


That was strange. Due to that, and I was semi-asleep when this was happening. I was probably woken up due to that news I heard. o_O
lol @ sporty people replying here. I almost didn't click it :lol:

Yeah, I always have dreams that are realistic, so sometimes a couple of days later I'll think back and wonder if an event really happened or it was just in a dream I had days before. But a vivid one where someone has died has only really happened once. It was veery detailed like yours, and gave me this extremely sad feeling when I woke up. I ran into their room to check they were ok (because it was someone in my family) and remember just feeling so relieved.


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So, have you ever had a dream about something tragic that was so real you didn't realize it was a dream until you woke up? A dream that was so vivid that you might have even thought it was real even after waking up?
Yes and it was horrible. It left me feeling bizarre the entire day. It's not related to celebrities though but people in my family.

PS. I'm sorry to the fans that I have to bump this cruel-titled thread as I respond.
I tend to have very vivid dreams most of the time, and they are usually terrible :sigh: I had a dream kind of like what you said about some new guy in town that was like, hounding over a girl that I knew, and I had a bad feeling in the dream so I remember getting off of the bus we were on and starting to worry, so I ran all the way to her home which wasnt very far from my actual bus stop. Once I got there I saw him like walking up to her, and I remember running at them and shoving the guy, and he ended up shooting me in the right shoulder, causing me to drop to my knees then in the chest. In doing so, the girl got away and he ran off, but OH no the dream didnt end there. It then preceded to show me the reactions of my girlfriend, the girl (who was my girlfriends best friend, hence being why I didnt want something to happen to her) and my family.

But yeah x.x I normally have vivid dreams like that, when I woke up I remember tears on my face actually


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I have never had dreams of famous people dying. When I was in a middle school one of my friends had a dream that I died in a bus accident. Two years another friend told me about very vivid dream he had about a friend at his college. My friend attended a small college and so he formed close friendships with a lot of people. In late 2007 two students who attended the college and were engaged were killed at their off campus house. Someone shot them to death in the middle of the night and so far they case is cold. My friend was friends with them and he and others were shaken up by the deaths. Three months after the murders my friend had a dream that one of friends who at a bar and was picked up a creepy guy. My friend that the creepy guy in the dream took his friend to back ally and stabbed her death and kept stabbing her for hours and they put her body in a dumpster. My friend said he woke up right when the guy closed the dumpster lid. He said he was sweating and his heart was pacing. He immediately sent a text to his friend simply to see if she would responded. She responded about an hour later. My friend never told her about the dream. He told about a dream a week later when I went to visit him. I think maybe the effect of the deaths of the two friends could have really shaken up my friend so bad that he ended up having a very bad dream.
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