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Car ColoUrs


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Some cars will look awful if not in the right colour.
Just as some will look amazing in the correct hue.

1) What colour do you believe is a terrible choice for a car?
And please specify a certain car/cars that this colour looks particularly bad on.

2) What colour do you believe is a brilliant choice for a car?
And please specify again, as above.

3) Do you have anything else to add about cars, and their colours?
Of so, please do.


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I really hate yellow cars, i'm pretty sure it's the worst possible colour for a car. The exception to this is Lamborghini, because they look hot in yellow. As for ideal car colours, black or white. Most cars look good in those colours.


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Lilac/pink are the only colors that no matter what never look good on a car. I have never seen one that does. Violet just barely manages it half of the time. No matter what effect on it, matte, metal flake, pearlescent, high gloss, nothing works ever.

This may sound generic but I must say black si the best choice for a car. And I mean high gloss. Which not all cars can pull off. To have a high gloss black means your body work must be perfect and it must be cleaned and waxed often. Any imperfections show up on high gloss black paint, so really only high quality cars with only the best trained painters pull it off. The mile deep black gloss paint is absolutely gorgeous on Rolls Royces for example.

As I said above, lilac and pink are the only colors that just never look good on a car. That means their are still thousands of hues to choose from. And all of them have their place on cars. Mostly factory colors work best but if you get a talented painter, you can find the right hue and use the right effect to have a good looking car. Of course not colors belong on every car though. I hate seeing Radioactive green (a Mopar color) on Chevelle SS's, for example. It just doesn't always work, but you can't always explain why.


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I read where red cars were the least likely to be in an accident, because they are so highly visible. I like white cars, but I detest black cars and yellow is not a good car color either. Here in my town, there is this girl who drives a pink mustang, and it is girlie girl all the way, but it's very pretty! Getting back to yellow, you couldn't give me a new yellow any type of car, I would sell it in a heartbeat, I hate yellow.


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1. That awful not-quite-gold, not-quite-bronze, poo colour does not look good on anything.
MX-5s should not be seen in bright red.

2. I'm easy with a lot of car colours. They're all pretty funky, but to pick something out I do like the new Fiestas in the bright colours; that suits them :)
(I promise I'm not as obsessed with Fiestas as I sound...)

3. I wish they still made the old cars with seats like sofas and no windows. I mean, completely impractical but man they are sexy.


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1. I think yellow looks pretty bad on most kinds of cars. It only looks alright on the really high end sports cars. I've never been a fan of white cars either.

2. I've always liked black and silver. They'll look good on almost any car. I also like navy blue. I think that looks awesome on Audi's in particular.


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Color it always depends on the model of the car, some time the color yellow looks awesome(above most of them choose yellow as worst).

According to me Sky Blue and Pea Green are the worst color for all car model.

Classic white goes with almost all car, personally I like blue cars (Nissan GT-R Aurora Flare Blue) something like this.


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Yellow is the worst color for a car because it just destroys the beauty of a car in general. I am speaking bias here but metallic silver is probably the best color for a car.