Car Clubs and Motorcycle Clubs


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Anybody in one? If so what types of cars/bikes occupy the space?

Me and three of my buds are founding members of the Saints of Sin car club based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We mainly cater to hotrods, muscle cars and big trucks but we've branched out a bit and encorperated a Nissan Skyline and a couple Porsche 911s. Not bad for a bunch of hillbillies.:D


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I am an honorary member of HOG, Harley Owners Group. Because of Harley's involvement with MDA and I was involved in so much of the HD/MDA fundraisers in NYC I was given my colors by the NYC Chapter president years ago. I always treated my chair as if it were an HD.


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Well i'm an honorary member of the Gold Country Street parents are in it. Members are from Northern California aka Gold Country. The cars are mostly like 30's through 60's (stock, customized, anything), I would've had the newest car with a '70 El Camino, if I hadn't wrecked it. sigh.