Car Accidents


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I figured this was an appropriate thread after yesterday.

So have any of you been unlucky enough to have been in a car accident?

How bad was it? Were you at fault?


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Been in a number of car accidents. The worst one was when I was younger. We were on our way to a family friend's house and we were on the innerbelt bridge on 71 in Cleveland and my mom lost control and we hit the railing on the side of the bridge and a semi truck was coming and thank god he stopped in time because if he didn't, he would of pushed us over the bridge and it's a long drop to the water below.

There was one where I was driving and a truck was turning into my lane and he didn't see me and he took out my driver side mirror and dented the front left side. It was his fault though because I had the right of way.


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I've only been in two memorable ones, and neither was that serious.

So one day, driving down the highway on the way, following a friends mom on the way to some place. PretzelCorps was driving, I was in the back seat and our other buddy was in the passenger seat up front. Our OTHER friends mom was driving way too fast for the conditions and Pretzel was trying to keep up. Well, coming around a bend, the road curved and we did not. We did like 3 or 4 three sixties down the embankment, narrowly missing a light post. We stopped in a farmers field =P So me and our other buddy got out and pushed Pretzel's car back to the highway.

The other time, I was riding with the other guy from the accident above, and another guy I didn't really know lol. And we were turning off the highway, onto some gravel road. Naturally, my other buddy (Kris from now on) was going too fast, and we sorta power slid around the corner, right tothe edge of the road where the ditch was. His one back tire slid off the edge into the steep ditch. The passenger side that is. And me and the other friend were both on this side, and so the car slowly but surely started tilting, and up and over we went. Slow slow motion. We rolled over onto the roof and had to crawl out in the foot of water that there was. lol. Funniest thing ever.


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I haven't been in a major car accident. Often it's my sister who is driving and no one got hurt. The hassle is more the delay the accident caused and the expense it involves to fix the car.
I've never been in a serious car crash before, but a few years ago my mums friend crashed into the person in front of us when the car behind us crashed in to her, like dominoes lol. It was right outside my house as well, just as she was getting ready to turn into the drive. It happened because it was snowing really heavily and you could barely see anything outside, the air was so thick, and it was really dark as well. The actual crash was quite powerful and sent us flying forward but everyone was wearing their seatbelts so it was just our necks that were in pain!


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I had a 2 bang ups in my life. One I was hit by a drunk driver and the other one I was hit by a big truck that wasn't watching where he was going.
Both accidents totaled the car (I wasn't driving) and the truck I was driving.

I didn't get hurt when I had the accident with my truck but got hurt real bad when the DD hit us.
I was in the Hospital for over 7 weeks and it killed the driver (My friend Dennis and his Girlfriend) I don't remember much after the impact, just the last few weeks in the hospital.


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I've only been in one accident. I was driving home and there was a car in front of me that was turning into is laneway, so I stop but the guy behind me didn't pay attention and he drove right into me. I drive a truck with a big steel bumper in the back, the car was totalled he couldn't open his hood or his passenger door.

I got a few nicks as well, my back window shattered, and my bumper dented a bit, and I got a few body damages.


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ONe morning I was on my way to work in Dallas at the office (When I still worked there) and I was dead tired from going out clubbing the night before. So anyways, I dont even remember falling asleep but I woke up to a loud thud as my car hit a car from behind at a read light. That definately woke me up, it was only a large dent on his part, no glass breaking and what not. It was nothing major, thank God.



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The only thing I've ever been at fault for was a light side swipe while pulling into a parking spot at the mall. I simply lost control of the wheel and scraped another woman's car (who amusingly was in it at the time).


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I've been in 2, one was when I was much much younger.... somewhere around the 2nd grade I believe. My mom was driving us to school and we got T-boned in the fog by some drunk mexican who blew the stop sign. I was unconscious (my side was the side that got hit) so I really dont have much recollection of the wreck at all other than waking up with stiches in my head and knee. I've got scars left over from that one, mostly it was just puncture wounds where they had to pull glass shards out of my forehead and arms.

The other was my fault, again it was foggy I was following a car on my way to work and little did we know there was already a wreck up ahead. They slammed on their breaks barely making it and I didnt have the luck. My beat up ol' 4runner didnt have the greatest breaks. It was sad to 'cause I vividly remember slamming on the breaks and almost making it... then those Anti-lock system rolled 'em over and I just pummeled the back of that car. Probably hit 'em at about 10-15 miles an hour which doesnt seem like much but I'll tell you what I learned a lesson... even at that slow of a speed it was still a huge force to go from that speed to 0 that fast. Nobody was hurt and fortunately enough I had caused minor damage to the other vehicle.