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  1. Soul Society is packed full of good characters is I do say so myself. Pretty much anyone that lieutenant level or higher is worthy of praise. Seeing one Soul Reaper after another made you want to know what other kinds of characters were there. Who in Soul Society would you have on your own squad? My own personal squad would probably be Hinamori, Soi Fon, Hitsugaya, and Byakuya. They are the characters I like for teh most part.

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    if i can make my own person squad, i would put: toushirou, renji, byakuya, hinamori, ichigo, Hanatarou, and the guy with the bombs. :-*
  3. Yeah, you mean Ganju the fireworks guy. Yeah, he's pretty good too. If Tousen didn't become a turn coat I would've added him on as well. It almost broke my heart when he turned on everyone.
  4. lilbballfrk

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    LOL "It almost broke my heart when he turned on everyone." you sound.. um.. nvm. we shouldnt talk a bout it. ahha ;D
  5. Haha. Very funny, lilbballfrk. :p The reason I say that because he was like the first black anime character the I've seen that was raw as hell and all of a sudden he just went turncoat. I was being funny when I said it almost broke my heart silly.
  6. lilbballfrk

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    haha OKAY SUURE. XD jp. i just counted resist!! ::)
    i couldnt believe that episode. i was hoping.. just hoping it was a joke. :'(

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