Captain Wo


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Here we go

Captain Wo

Not sure if thats her REAL name...

Not my best..could be better


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I see that your going to milk that render for what it's worth Alex^^

Anyway is that a curtain you overlayed on her? You didn't seem to lower the optacity enough it seems because I can still see the whole picture >.> Gotta change that. Plus no that is not her real name, she's part of a set that I can't seem to find the other renders of darn >.< The font can't always take up whole empty space either, in that case I suggest that you add some bg design behind it if your going to do that. But it's a decent sig Alex, and it's somewhat good so keep practicing eh.
Kyo is right, you're heading in the right direction. Keep it up!!!

The font seems a bit obsessive, just because it fills so much white space. I like the concept's pretty cool. I agree though, could've lowered the opacity a bit.