Captain Obvious for President!

Americans need someone to make their country great again. Someone to defend the rights of gun owners, corporations, and rich people. Someone who can point out the "logical fallacies" so prevalent in western society. Someone who can pick up where Trump left off and get that much needed wall built, and make sure America gets it's fair share and more by winning the Tariff war with the rest of the world once and for all.

I am curious how CO would go about running the country. What his platform would be. As I see it, Americans have made a bold statement by electing Trump. I think CO meets the same criteria for being considered presidential material as did Trump and would do every bit as good a job.

... Thoughts? :)


Son of Liberty
No way in hell am I voting for that know-it-all. He hurts peoples feelings on a daily basis. He’s rude and arrogant, but he does love boobies.