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Hot! Captain Crunch Frappuchino?


Registered Member
Captain Crunch Frappuchino?

Hi everyone. :)

I don’t know how many coffee lovers we have here, but I came across this Starbucks card thingy that mentions a “Captain Crunch Frappuchino”
Is that a real frapp choice? Are they talking Caramel Crunch or is this some regional thing we just don’t get around here (Bay Area, California) ?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Its real but I don't go to Starbucks, don't like anything but straight up coffee and their stuff is overpriced and high in calories. So I couldn't tell you much about it except its basically a Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino.


Dunno, but it sounds intriguing. Not gonna pay Starbucks prices to try it though... Besides, Starbucks coffee sux.

- Cham