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Capabilities of DW


Registered Member
I am currently downloading Dreamweaver. I am told it is a pretty awesome program for web designing and code editing. But what are the true capabilities of DW and how are they better than other programs of this nature?


Secret Agent
Staff member
It's overrated if you ask me.

It has automatic CSS creation, but it ends up creating duplicate CSS entries all the time. It also doesn't let you choose the name of each CSS entry except by editing the code manually.

I own the retail version of this, but to be honest I haven't even installed it on my current computer because I found that it was much to "newbie friendly" and not nearly as convenient as it sounds.

It does tab your HTML code automatically though, which is a nice feature, and it has some mass search and replace feature where you can edit all the files in a directory at once.

I've gone back to coding in notepad. 99.999% of the stuff I do involves dynamic pages anyway, so it's easier to just keep it all in a text editor instead of switching back and forth.

Try out DW though and see what you think. You might find that you really like it. There's certainly nothing outright WRONG with it, but I just think it's geared more towards people who don't like to tweek. :)


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Hmm. I am able to chose the name of my CSS entries and I have yet to have a problem with DW. What version are you using?


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Nope. You name it whatever you want :). I name mine when I click the style sheet adder button on the top right side it asks what I want to name it and if I want advanced tabs. Get DW 8.
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