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    As if things weren't already hard enough for the middle class as it was, now we get the luxury of a Cap & Trade tax thanks to President Barrack Obama's fight against Polluters

    On my check this week I will be taxed an extra 10% of my take home earnings... thats roughly $45 dollars LESS on my check than I will receive now. Almost $200 a month that I wont have because of Bullshit Global Warming and Carbon Witch Hunts.

    Thanks Obama.... so glad to hear you're still "for the working class".


    Barack Obama's Cap and Trade Program Is a Tax on the Working Class -

    A Secret Cap and Trade Tax of $1,761 Per Family? - Political Punch

    Cap and Trade | California Air Resources Board

    Cap and trade - Gore's 'gravy train' (

    and more... just google "Cap & Trade" there are tons of articles on it.

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    Almost all taxes hurt the middle to lower classes.
    I'm not making it right, I think it's awful, especially when the high class people are people who don't earn 1000-10000 more but 100,000 if not more, and taxing them is no harm to them, so in the long run the people who really suffer from taxes are the lower and middle classes.
    I don't think there is any way around it.
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    If your employer is withholding an extra 10% of your paycheck, he is doing so dishonestly. There is no new tax.
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    I'm very close to the company treasurer... one could say she's a mom to me. I've seen the State of California mandate letter updating the new taxes with my own eyes. I practically installed the latest update on the "construction partner" program myself that included the final quarter of 2009.

    ....I'm fairly confident there is a new tax.
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