Can't stop laughing


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Help, I can't stop laughing after reading this thread:

Haha kidding. But seriously have you ever been laughing so hard that you couldn't stop for minutes?

What lead up to it and what was so funny? It's happened to me a few times. Once when I was drinking pop... I hate that. :(

Usually it's when somebody says something completely unexpected. I rarely laugh when watching movies though. I like comedies but I just don't usually find them "ROFL" funny.


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I rarely laugh really hard in movies but when i do it's a really funny part. I barely ever laugh really hard and can't stop laughing though.


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It's happened a couple times when I was stoned. My sister makes me laugh a lot too. I never laugh really hard during movies.


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The only time I laugh loudly is if I'm in a conversation with someone and we keep back and forth with funny shit. It starts off amusing and by the time its built up you can say something just mildly amusing and you will bust your gut.


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I try to get a good laugh here and there. It's just good for your health and well-being for physically and psychologically.

One time in speech class in college a buddy of mine was giving a speech on the importance of water, Hunter. He is going up in a few minutes and my buddy Matt says "dude you should open your speech up with some outlandish statistic!". Hunter goes "Like what?"
"Well how about if you drink water you are less likely to get into a car accident. Or just say 'Crack-cocaine' as the opening line and start your speech like it never happened."

I started laughing it was just the way Matt phrased it and the timing. I stopped laughing and Hunter went up to do his speech. Of course he didnt say it but everytime he started talking I kept repeating those lines in my head and I couldnt stop laughing. Hunter kept looking at me and I could tell he was thinking (Damnit I'm going to fuck up now that your laughing) Matt and I both started laughing. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

Apparently Hunter's speech finished terribly and he lost all focus after I left the room. He stumbled with his words, lost his place and it turned into a disaster. I left after he had given aboutg 2 minutes of a 5/6 minute speech. So my laughing was keeping him focused on the task at hand and after I left he lost his focus.

I find that extremely ironic.

I laughed for a good 10 minutes in the hall.

O another notable incident was when I saw Hot Rod in theaters. When one of Rod's friends was describing his dream about wizards. It was out of nowhere, I never saw it coming and it was absolutely hilarious.
I just finished a good laugh myself.......

My co-workers make me laugh so hard sometimes that I've had to leave the room. (I'm not a quiet laugher)


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Yea the first times getting stoned.. those were the days.

Now I rarely bust into uncontrollable laughter but when I do it's usually over a really funny yet stupidly lame joke or innuendo, allot of the time from animated movies..

But really Hybrix.. stop pulling our chains and busting these switcharoos on us!



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You makin' fun of my misfortunes there Hybrix?

Honestly my own title cracks me up haha. I guess its an attention grabber if anything
I laugh at the misfortune of others...I guess its just the way my mind works.

Schadenfreude-"Making me feel glad that im not you."


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You makin' fun of my misfortunes there Hybrix?

Honestly my own title cracks me up haha. I guess its an attention grabber if anything
Yeah I keep seeing that title and I get a chuckle every time. Just playing around of course when I linked to it. :)