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Can't someone help Scott Hall?


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As much as I feel for Scott Hall, the sad truth about his situation is that no one can help him unless he's willing to accept help. Seems to me, he doesn't really care. There's only so much you can do for someone.


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Well if he ends up noting any suicidal or homicidal ideations he can get inpatient behavioral help...the police and paramedics would take him in for that...but if he's not willing to go into rehab, himself, and doesn't end up in a hospital or jail, I don't know what else his family and friends can do.

What's tough is that without medical help to get off of the physical dependence, I don't know what his friends or family can do. He needs to be willing.

I hope and pray that this will be the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, as far as him realizing he needs to go into longer treatment...also as far as his friends/family realizing that they need to try and stay close and supervise him as much as possible...if he'll let them.


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a straight answer to the thread title is: no. Nobody can help Scott Hall at this point. His friends and family have done all they could throughout the years, he's been to rehab 9 times, he's gone through every step there is and it doesn't look like there's any hope for him at this point.

it's tragic but it happens all over the world to people in all walks of life. There are just some people that no matter how many times they get back on the wagon, and no matter how much help they have, they're always going to fall off again. The state that Hall's ex-wife described him being in, i've seen in my own life and it's a horrible feeling, when you can see that the person you once knew is long gone... but that's the effect that drugs and alcohol addictions have on people.

While it sounds like he's on the way out, that might not necessarily be the case, and who knows he might even go straight for another while yet, but he's not gonna stay clean. Nothing or nobody in the world can keep him permanently clean and sober at this stage. I just hope that when he does go, he's on somewhat of a sober run so he can go with his friends and family around him.


Living in Ikoria
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Here's an interview with Kevin Nash...

-- Rajah.com -- WWE News, Rumors, Results & InformationKevin Nash Comments On Scott Hall's Current Condition (Not Good)

I agree with you guys, nobody can help Scott but Scott. I just hate this because it feels like he's going to die any day now and there's nothing that can be done to fix it before it's too late. I don't like this helpless feeling.
Really sad read - but Big Kev's pretty spot on with everything. Thanks for posting it, Millz. Nash's thoughts almost make me more anxious about the situation, in a way(if that's possible, lol).

My thoughts/prayers are still with "The Bad Guy."


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I have been in his situation before. I used to drink alcohol like it was nothing. Was not in the shape as he was in either but my friends tried to get me to stop for awhile. They told me 'drinking is a social thing'. I didn't listen. It took another alcoholic to hit me at 100mph on the road for me to open up my eyes. (Still drink but socially now.)

I feel for Scott Hall, it is going to take something drastic to really save this man's life. He can have everybody tell him that he has a problem but that won't work if you are addicted. I hope he get's his blessing in disguise like I did but it may be way too late. I'll be praying for him
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Sultan of Swat
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I'm afraid to say it, but I don't think he'll see pass 2011. Scott Hall is in really rough shape, and it's not looking good for him. His best friends, his family, his loved ones tried to help him but he's at the stage where he's the only one that can help himself. I really hope I'm wrong about him not seing pass 2011, but when you look and him and his past it makes you wonder how he's still alive, and he's not improving his situation which is a great shame.