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Nintendo 64 Can't remember the name


New Member
Hi, I seem to remember playing a game on the N64 when I was younger, and I really want to know if it exists, or if I just made it up. I'm pretty sure the main character was a boy, and the first weapon he got was a wooden sword, and the first shield was a garbage can lid. He also had a friend who was a girl. There was another girl, I think she had green hair, (and maybe she was a pirate). And one of the bad guys tried to force her to marry him. One of the fights is in a church, and beforehand you had the chance of getting some magic, which i seem to remember always getting the healing one(water?) because i kept dying. this didnt work, so my brother suggested that i get the attack one (fire?) and i did. It worked. I also think that the green haired girl had a ball and chain attached to her leg in front of the priest, and then you were up above, and went down to save her. If anyone could tell me if this is a real game, or maybe i'm just crazy:nervous:, and dreamed that all this happened, but i don't know, I would really appreciate it. :confused:


Well-Known Member
hmm... doesn't ring a bell, it probably wasn't for Nintendo 64 because I have played most of the N64 games and have heard of all of them, I even looked it up on nintendo's official website, and checked all of the N64 titles.