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Can't Decide


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Umm... you'll have to be more specific?

Playstation vs N64? PS2 vs Gamecube? PS3 vs Revolution (I'm sorry, the Wii)?

N64 games were always too cartoonish for me, even the 007 games. However, the best looking game I've EVER seen was Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube.

Are we looking for controllers? I think Sony has it hands down, unless you want to go back as far as the SNES. Graphics? Read the above. Gameplay? It's kind of a toss-up. Looks of the consoles? Again, points to Sony.


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Spinlock said:
Are we looking for controllers? I think Sony has it hands down...
wow, IMO Sony has the worst controller design and i can't believe they're still using it after all of these years. 3rd generation, same controller design...

Fighting games - the best controller is the Saturn's, but that's because i love Capcom games [ the Vs series in particular ], so i need my 6 button layout.

FPS games - the Duke controller, i.e. Xbox's fat controller. fits well in your hands [ unless you're a midget ] and all the buttons are easily reachable.

Flying/Sports games - Xbox's small controller. worked great with Crimson Skies and responsive to any sports game.

Puzzle/Laid back games - Gamecube. works very well with games like Bust A Move or even games like Mario Strikers.


but back to the OP's original statement, if you're talking about handhelds it's the DS Lite > PSP.

the UMD media is dead; retail stores have begun taking UMD movies off the shelves. they're overpriced and you can only use them on the PSP.


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i think sony is better for it's huge variety of games and the great graphics.
nintendo is great though don't get me wrong, it just seems that their are less gaming choices and the grahics can get pretty chopy looking