canned air


does anybody know the temp of canned air when its turned upside down and the liquid stuff come out of it?


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Hmm. Interesting question. I tried finding the answer on Google but had no luck.

Why do you need to know? What are you planning on spraying the air on?


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Google is probably not going to have it. I found some information about canned air (gas duster) for use in cleaning off electronics.

wikipedia said:
Gas duster (also referred to as canned air) is a product consisting of liquified difluoroethane, trifluoroethane, or tetrafluoroethane in a spray can, with a long nozzle that enables the user to direct a precisely focused blast of gas. Gas dusters do not use compressed air, but other inert gases that are much easier to compress into a liquid state.
The listed liquids are all more than -100 degrees C when in their liquid form and become a gas at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees C to -45 degrees C.
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