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Canines Are Everyone’s Best Friends


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I would like to ask to everyone in the pets section what is your favorite dog breed of today?
Did you or your family ever own this breed? If so, do you have experience with this breed?
If you like more than one breed of dog than post a maximum of 5 dog breeds.
There are dog trainers that have many breeds of dogs. When you die don't worry because your dog is there already.
Because All Dogs Go To Heaven

Ok who wants to go first?


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When I was young I used to have a Dalmation named Pepper. I kow t family like Pepper as the og was talked about over the years. But I don't remember him too much because I was young and not around dogs. Dalmations as a whole is in the top 10 because they remind of the 101 Dalamtions and if they represent the helpers of fire depts. They are loyal and friendly, I kind of forgot about these dogs until this friend of mind keeps showing pictures of these Damation dog shows.

I once had a dog named Zepp part German Shepherd and part something else. He was a big dog. Once as a kid I was taking the dog for a walk because he was to powerful and hard to control. I don't know what happened to him. But then we got another German Sheperd named Leighdie. I think she already knew how to sit and my sister taught her to go for walks. She once got a hold of a squirrel and threw it in the air. My sister now wanted to show dogs but not Leighdie. When she had puppies she kept one and called it JD. I 'll have to ask my sister what JD stood for. She took him to the dog school. For some reason my sister gave JD to a friend. From that litter also kept another Black GS named Munchkin.
She got that because she was learning challenged and never taught any tricks. When she had puppies she was crying because she could not take care of them. My sister tried to see if Leighdie could take care of them.
Well you're not going to like this but my Mom's boyfrind took this dog for a ride and when he got back she was furious. She was a good pet and healthy.

My sister then got another dog from the trainer named Blitz. His nickname was Blitzaroo and because he was a GS she taught him with German commands. My brother and I remember my sister teaching the dof in German commands even though she didn't know much German. Blitz like JD won ribbons in AKC dogs championshion shows in the Bay area. Although Blitz was trained and a good dog he was funny because he was Leighdie's sidekick always behind her barking all the time.

My sister stopped getting GS. So we just owned Leighdie and Blitz at the time. She then got a Siberian Huskie which was just smaller than an Alaskan Malmute. On this dogs show paper his full name was Wolfgang Koda Polar Star Koda for short. He had one blue and one brown eye and howl. The breed of the Huskie and the Malamute are somewhat like the wolf in breed. They also pull sleds in the cold temperatures. My sister put him in the UKC shows which is a different division the AKC. All the shows that my sister went to was not just about tricks but confirmation and obedience. We once went SF Cow Palace he biggest show in the area. There were so many dog breeds in the show that it was too many to count. My sister didn't enter any dog for this.

My sister stopped getting big dog breeds but my Mom's next boyfriend got a GS and put him in the backyard with 3 others dogs. His name was Rebel. Rebel was very timed and we believe when he was first gotten he may have been abused. Rebel was put in the front yard because him and Koda didn't get along. Then Rebel was given to a friend. A true story was that Koda dug his way under the fence and ended up at Foster Freeze eating FF on the side. My sister brought him home and he did ut again with this time that he didn't come home.

Now my sister got an American Eskimo named Winston. He is her all time favorite dog and this breed looks like a small Samoyed. There's too many things to say but he was a good dog. Then another AE named Pretty but didn't keep her because she kept doing business all over the house and gave to a friend. Then came anonther AE named Isis. No this dog didn't have anything to do with the Taliban or Al Quaida LOL!!! My Mom called her Isa dosis and she did well in the dog shows. Leighdie got old and was put to sleep.

My sister went on to horse training school and gave Blitz away because it wasn't fair for everyone to take care of him. When she came back from the school her, her husband and Grampa moved and took Winston and Isis with them.
I don't know how this happened but she got 2 More AE named Sparkles and Dukes. She gave Dukes to my Uncle and Aunt. Sparkle went to another friend because there was only 2 dogs allowed in the apt. Somehow she gave Isis awy and left Winston by himself.

They moved again and she got 2 Shcipperkies named Sude and Doris. They moved one last time.Winston passed away in '97 and just left Suede and Doris. If you don't know they are small furry dogs with no tails. When walking the dogs people would stop and ask what breed are these? They liked them. They were liked so much I took different routes to avoid talking all the time. Years later Doris passed away then Suede. She then got 2 more AE one named Winton and one named Windsor. She had to give Winton away because he bit a kid.

She moved away again and for the last time now she ended up with 2 Chihuahua's. One named Scarlett and the other named Pistachio. my sister has her own dog grooming business at home but doesn't show dogs anymore.

I should have allowed 10 breeds because I had forgotten how many breeds were out there. Most breeds are liked so let me tell you the ones I don't...
Doberman Pinschers. Pit Bulls Poodles shitzu Afghan Hounds and Rottweilers. These are the breeds I don't care about.

This is my last bonus answer.. I like Lassie and cartoon comics like Dino, Snoopy, Marmaduke and Scooby Doo. Huckleberry Hound is ok too. It's a dog world. It's a cats world. It's somebodys world. LOL!!!


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This is easy. Boston Terriers. I even designed a Boston Terrier Christmas shirt with a drawing I made of my old Boston. 😂

Sadly, she died last year. 😔


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I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Mirage. Never easy to lose a pet. We had to have our dog Misty, a shepherd mix, put to sleep in January; she was 13 and very sick. We miss her and are considering getting another dog before long. We like to adopt rescued dogs.