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Cancelling auction?


Premium Member
I'm thinking I may cancel the "ghost cane" card auction because my mail is seriously messed up and everything I've tried to do to fix it hasn't worked! I cancelled the pre-approve bidders list for now but I noticed I got more watchers now & if anyone is trying to ask questions I might not get to them right away.
What should I do? Should I just leave it without the pre-approved bidders list or cancel & format my system? It cracks me up because I work on computers for a living & it takes an AOL glitch to really tick me off! LMAO!
Ok, I vented too, feel better :)


Registered Member
First off...ditch AOL hahahah and get Cable or DSL!!!!
I don't know if you should cancell it.........uggggggggggg i would hate to see your do that!!!


Registered Member
I would leave It like It Is now .I would not cancell It


Premium Member
lol, I DO have DSL... I use AOL for mail though since everyone I know has AOL.
I don't pay for it. I was an AOL Host till they did away with us a couple of months ago. I will have it free for a year.. after that I'm OUT!
Ok, I think I'm just going to let it ride as is.. I'm just ticked off at AOL + it's over 100 degrees out & I'm just crabby. LOL :)


Registered Member
Just open a mail account with hotmail or yahoo for now...or some other free mail provider.....you should be able to temporarily change your ebay mail to that addy...if not just post an addition to your auction that says to send questions to that mail address


Registered Member
yeah msn got more space to hold emails and also gmail does too...yahoo is ok but not much space to hold alot of emails.