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Cancelled wedding reception donated to homeless.


Free Spirit
Staff member
An Atlanta couple have donated their daughter Tamara's cancelled wedding reception to the homeless.
Carol and Willie Fowler were surprised when the lavish wedding they'd paid for was called off. But they decided to make the occasion joyous for a whole different group of people - 200 homeless individuals and their families.

Carol Fowler: Family donate their daughter's four-course wedding dinner to 200 HOMELESS people after nuptials are cancelled | Mail Online
This was so thoughtful of them. Why let good food go to waste when there are so many that don't have enough. I bet these homeless people will remember this event for a long time. Not many people would do something like this.

I hope things work out for Tamara.


Registered Member
I'd say that was generous. I would do the same thing if my wedding was called off ahead of time, especially after the hard work with the food. Let it spoil? No way! Not to get off subject, but I saw something like this on an episode of "Touched By An Angel." I believe Tamara's family was touched by an angel.