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TV Canceled Fox shows.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We all know that Fox has this huge reputation for canceling hugely popular shows, or moving them to Friday and letting them die. Anyone have any of those shows they'd like to talk about? I still wish Titus wouldn't have went off of the air, it was a very funny show to me and I related to the problems within the family fairly well.


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Since I consider TV a huge waste of my valuable life-time, I don't mind any shows being cancelled.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
So you think to highly of yourself to sit down for half an hour and watch a comedy just to "escape from it all." Don't you watch movies? Don't you appreciate art?

It's art, and if it's taken in moderation, then there's nothing wrong with television. Just don't pay attention to the stupid commercials, or random product placement. Some shows are actually worth watching.


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I am like Angel, I watch very few t.v shows. So they can come and go and I wouldn't really care much. The only show that I got hooked on last year was Heroe's. If they announced that it wasn't coming back, I would be okey with it and get along just fine. I just have way to much to do to sit and watch t.v anyway.


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Well some people don't have time for TV. I don't have much time for TV myself but lately I've been watching an hour or two in the evenings. I probably watch about 10 hours of TV a week right now.

None of the shows I watch have been canceled though. Most are already done though, lol... Seinfeld, Frasier, etc. Those aren't Fox shows though.


I agree with angel and bunny roses. I watched two shows this past season- Lost and heroes. I literally dragged the television into my room, dragged out the cable that hooks up to the antanna on the roof, and watched the show, and that was it. I cant sit there and sift through the junk of what is on TV.