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Canadiens celebrate their 100th anniversary tonight


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think this deserve it's own thread, I think everyone here knows that I'm a huge Habs fan, but if you knew me in the real world you'd realize that I'm a much bigger fan then you expect.

In Baseball you have the New York Yankees, in Basketball you have the Boston Celtics/ LA Lakers, in Football you have Dallas Cowboys/ San Francisco 49ers in hockey you have the Montreal Canadiens.

The Canadiens have won 24 total Stanley Cups, they hold a record of winning five in a row, something that won't be eclipsed in a real long time.

The francise had incredible players like Howie Morenz, Doug Harver, Pocket Rocket, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Boom Boom, Patrick Roy, Ken Dryden, Jacque Plante and so many more. I could continue but there's so many great players that have suited up for Les Habitants.

Growing up 50-70 years ago if you were French you wanted to put the Canadiens jersey and that's it, they didn't want to play for any other team. That's how much French Canadians adored their Candiens. Even the best goalie of all time that never played in the NHL Vladimir Tretiak was only willing to play in the NHL if it was for the Canadiens, but unfortunately it never happened.

I grew up a Canadiens fan, started watching in 1993, through out the years, I started learning more and more about the franchise and the history of it, and I never imagined it was filled with such pride, winning, excitement and tradition.

Tonight's cermonies will be one of the best of all time when it comes to hockey, you'll see highlights of the past players that have worn the jersey, you'll hear old players talk. I simply cannot wait to watch it.

Oh yeah, the Canadiens are also playing Boston after the ceremonies so it's going to be a kick ass night.


Creeping On You
That's awesome! It really sucks that Winnipeg doesn't have its own team anymore haha, but it's cool to see a team reach it's 100th year. I've got one question though, why are they nicknamed the habs?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
A lot of people believe The Habs stood for Les Habitants, but that's because former owner of Madison Square Garden told the press that's what it meant, but it's false the CH on the sweather means Club de Hockey. It just stuck around for all these years.
The celebration has been amazing so far, there's around 100 old players right now, Dryden, Roy and so many players suited up and took the ice. Gordie Howe is there, Jean Beliveau gave a speech thanking the fans and what it means to play for the Canadiens.

I don't care how much you hate the Canadiens if you cannot appreciate this moment your not a fan of hockey.

Almost brings tears to my eyes.

They also added a banner in the rafters that has all the names of every player that worn a Montreal Canadien jersey, now that's awesome.
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