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Canadian Political Campaign Debate 2011


Creeping On You
It's on CBC right now. I'm watching it and wanted to upchuck. Seriously, it's like watching Jersey Shore. Line after line of bullshit. I laughed so hard, Doucheppe and Harper just went head to head about Quebec. Doucheppe's face got SOOO red, because harper basically talked him into admitting that he didn't want english and wanted to seperate. Iggy and Layton are obvious cuckholding each other's points. Kudos to Harper for standing by and not resorting to shit talking the other parties. Either way though, I can tell that none of the party leaders care about Canada, and only want to do whatever it takes to get voted in.
Oh goody, they're debating on the topic of the justice system. One of the main talking areas that people are slagging the Conservatives about. And to start, Iggy's wanting to continue the Liberals tough on guns bullcrap. Because canada has SOOOO many gun crimes. I only hear about stabbings.
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I know how you feel Danny. I think politicians are the same no matter what country you see. Empty promises for the people and promoting big business agenda. What is worse is the naive people who worship these people. Until elections become more about people and less about who has the deepest pockets, there will never be an "honest politician" if such a thing exists.


Sultan of Swat
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Mostly civil but lord, they were sniping at each other (although there wasn't much shouting) got a little tiresome. Seriously, which party do you vote for based on this marathon?