Canadian bands: April Wine


Sultan of Swat
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From time to time I'll be creating a new thread about Canadian bands that you might of not heard all that much. I will be posting some of my favorite songs from this band.

Some of these bands you might know really well, and others not so much.

The first band that I will introduce is April Wine. They formed in 1969, so they have been around for a while now. I've seem these guys live and they were fairly good.

Here are some of my favorite songs from April Wine.

YouTube - April Wine- Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
YouTube - April Wine- Just Between You And Me
YouTube - April Wine Enough Is Enough
YouTube - April Wine - Fast Train
YouTube - April Wine - I Like To Rock


Creeping On You
Wow, thanks for reminding about this band haha. I've been forgetting to download them lawl. Sign of a Gypsy Queen is a song I love. It was always on the radio while I was working construction lol. That song and another, I can't remember how it goes. Has 'wine' in the chorus line though. That's all I remember. I'd always break out in sing along with those ones. My coworkers always got so annoyed haha.