Canadian Band: Blue Rodeo

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    I know I've talked about this band on these forums before. The next band that I produce to you is one of the most popular bands in Canada. They were formed in 1984, lead singers are Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor. I've seen this band live back in February and they sound even better in person then they do in studio which says a lot. They've released 12 albums.

    Here are some of my favorite songs from this great band.

    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Lost Together
    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Rain Down On Me
    YouTube - VH: Try - Blue Rodeo
    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Bad Timing
    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Til I Am Myself Again
    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Five Days In May
    YouTube - BLUE RODEO - Hasn't Hit Me Yet

    I'm hopeful that you'll actually take time to listen to these songs, I know it might not be your style, but I believe they're really talented.

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