Canada Wins Worlds


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Rick Nash scored twice to lead Canada to a 4-2 victory over Finland in the gold medal game of the World Hockey Championship in Moscow Sunday. This run to gold was stunning in its sheer efficiency. Canada outscored its opposition 13-4 during the playoff round games and seemed to get better each time out. The Canadians were bigger, stronger, faster and more disciplined than their opponents when the games counted most.


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Great win for the Canadians, I'm glad that we faced Finland and not the Russians because I believe we would of had a harder time against the Russians. I am not saying that Finland were an easy team to defeat, but the we have a harder time against the Russians. Nash did deserve the MVP of the tournament, so I wasn't surprise when he was name the MVP. He also scored an awesome goal yesterday, we also had supperb goaltending.


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If Russia played in the finals with Canada, they would have taken this easy. And I noticed that the Canadians were struggling a little bit in this match but come out winners at the end.

Canada's form is getting better and better each day.

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I really doubted the ability of the Canadians after their first few games. They were playing close games with teams like Germany and Norway and no offence to those nations but they do not have the star power that the Canadians seem to posess every tournament they play in. While it was a great tournament for the Canadians I think that yes if we had to face the Russians we might have lost the game. Those Russians looked very impressive in the bronze game. It never stops amazing me however how much the Canadians can come together in such a small time and always have such a good team. Props to Nash for having an amazing tournament but also to Lombardi who did not get the credit he should have gotten. He played some of the best hockey I've ever seen him play in a long time , His first time playing with the Maple Leaf.